El Sardinero
If there is one beach which is historically linked
with the  city of Santander that beach has to be
Sardinero beach. It is located in the north-east side
of the city and around it is where the traveler will
find the most luxurious buildings in Santander.
Among them, the Casino and the Royal palace of
the Magdalena peninsula where the kings used to
spend the summer in the early 20th century.

El Sardinero beach is divided in two beaches;
primera playa
in front of the Casino and la
segunda playa, a bit more isolated and normally
quieter. In between the two there the the gardens
Piquio, a good place for chilling out under the
shade of its trees.
Sardinero beach. http://www.elpeaton.com
The sand is like in the rest of the beaches of Cantabria, light and soft. It is a shallow beach with big
changes between the low and high tides. The beach is open to the ocean so the water temperatures
may be a bit cold from the earlier months of the fall to the latest of spring. in midsummer, the
temperature is typically  at about 22 degrees celsius.  
La primera playa of Sardiner with the magdalena peninsula in the background.
Matalenas beach
This is probably the quieter beach in Santander. The reason is that it is a bit further from downtown from
the rest. Matalenas is an easy and nice 20 walk from Sardinero beach. Take the path going around the golf
course of matalenas on the border of the cliff.

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El  Sardinero