Regular, bay and cliff beaches.

The beaches of Cantabria can be divided
basically in three types. Regular beaches,
bay beaches and cliff beaches.   The bay
beaches form at the point where a large river
meets the ocean and normally have dune
formations. The most famous ones in
Cantabria are the beaches of
Liencres (10
km west  from Santander) and
Somo (across
the bay from Santander). Liencres has a
natural dune park which includes also a pine
tree forest. An ideal place to chill out in the
breeze in summer. Somo is easily reachable
from Santander by boat. The ride takes about
10 minutes and costs only about 3 euros
(return). Certain areas in the dunes of
Liencres are also very popular among
Due to the horografy of Cantabria, is common to find areas where the mountains merge with the ocean.
In these points is not unusual to find beaches which are surrounded by a cliff. The beach of
Langre (10
km east from Santander) is a good example of this although probably the most impressive ones are in
the area between Cantabria and Asturias like in the beaches of
where the Picos de Europa mountains die in the ocean.

Among the regular beaches there are many examples but maybe the most interesting one are the
beaches of
Noja with its small rock formations in the water. Also worth is the playa Salve in Laredo where
the water gets normally warmer than in other beaches of the north due to the combination of sallow
waters and an enclosed bay. This beach has also very calm waters, perfect  for swimming and very safe
for kids.

You can find the three types of beaches in Santander. The most famous beach in Santander is
Sardinero beach (regular) although it may get a bit overcrowded in summer. For kids it s recommended
the beach of
Los Bikinis (bay type) with its very calm waters while if you want to enjoy a more relaxing
environment you can try the beach of
Matalenas (cliff).
Surfing and  kite-surfing
Santander and Cantabria attracts every year many aficionados to surf. In the last years, there has been
also a boom of kite-surfers which practice their skills mainly in El Sardinero beach or in the waters of
the bay of Santander (less waves but often with better winds). Another beach well know to surfers is
Liencres where its shallower beaches help to create bigger waves.
Beaches of Cantabria
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la  Barquera
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