Santander, between the mountains and the sea.
Santander is the capital of the Cantabria region. Its origins can be found in the Roman
times when  the port of Santorum was created. Santander is a popular destination for
Spaniards which are looking to chill out in the  breeze of its beautiful
beaches. Cantabria
is a relatively unknown part of Spain which historically has been isolated by the rest from
high mountain chains. This has kept the region free of heavy industrialized areas  and
today you can still enjoy the nature at its best when visiting Cantabria.
Together with the regions of Asturias, Galicia and the Vasque Country, Cantabria forms part of the "Green
Spain" where a perfect marriage between the mountains and the sea can be discovered in its many
towns and hidden valleys.  

Join us for a tour on its valleys, beaches and rich gastronomy.
Cantabria has a dual nature. The mountains in the south form the backbone of
the region and act as a barrier not only geografical but also climatological
and social between the rest of Spain. The Cantabrian sea in the north has
been traditionally  the main route for trading goods with the rest of the world.
In Cantabria the mountains and the sea merge in a unique marriage
producing some of the most spectacular landscapes in Spain. Memorable is
the natural area of
Picos de Europa, so called like that because they were the
first part of Europe seen by sailors coming from America.
Historically, the economy in Cantabria was based on farming the land with small cattle farms and dishing the ocean. This
had an impact on the gastronomical culture which is substantially different than the one found in more southern regions.
Typical products are the "Cocido Montanes", a heavy stew typical in the mountains, "sobaos" and "quesadas" which are
widely apreciated everywere in Spain these are cake-like dishes based on dairy products, and of course, fish which is
abundant in many of the tables of the Cantabrian cuisine.
Today, Cantabria still retains the flavour of the old days. Relatively unknown for the foreign tourist, it is a mayor
destination in summer for Spaniards which come to the region  mostly atracted by the fine sand of its beaches, milder
weather and the beauty of its mountains.
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